The Family Read Aloud- Book Lists and Encouragement for Families

When my kids were younger, reading with them was pretty easy. They’d often toddle over, a book in hand, and happily, sit on my lap throughout the day. The older they get, the more I’m finding distractions, separate interests, and outside commitments pull at our time together. As my kids get older, reading together has had to become an intentional practice. A practice I not only encourage but must often facilitate. Let’s be honest, most kids/teens (even little ones) are going to choose technology over reading a book. Screens are flashy and loudly call for their attention. It’s why carving out intentional read-aloud time is so important. Read-aloud time needs to be something a family just does together, like eating dinner or watching tv.

Research shows, over and over again, one of the best ways we can help our children learn is by reading with them. But it isn’t just about learning. Reading with our children offers us time to connect. It offers time to discuss themes and conflicts, values, and big questions. Reading can be a gentle way to transition. It can help create a family rhythm. And, reading with our children encourages the love of reading and therefore the love of learning.

Do you make reading with your children and teens a part of your every day?

For the Love of Reading- Read Aloud Lists and Encouragement for FamiliesI’ve put together an ebook called For the Love of Reading to help families get into the read-aloud groove. If you’re a subscriber, you can find it in my resource library. 

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In the ebook and below, you can also find a series of posts aimed at helping families find good reads. Find books that inspire, engage, and foster a love of reading, learning, and connection. Divided into subjects, you’ll find booklists for all interests and ages.

Books for Science Lovers

Books for Art Lovers

Books for Explorers

Books for Story Lovers

Books for Math Lovers

50 Great Reads for Teens

Regardless of how old they are, reading with our children is important. Make reading together a part of your family’s day!

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