Books for Science Lovers ~ Encourage the Love of Reading

The first few years of my son’s life, I think we read every book on dinosaurs and transportation at least twice. Not only do I now know many a digger and dinosaur’s name, my children’s curiosities and good books have made constellations, weather patterns, rock formations, chemical reactions and all the things I once found b o r i n g in school, interesting.

Children’s books do an incredible job breaking down complex ideas. Take a good book and mix in an excited child, parent, or teacher filled with wonder and EVERYONE learns.

Reading with children and teens is one of the best ways we can encourage curiosity and the love of reading. Don’t be afraid to pull out picture books, especially related to science, well past the recommended age. Flip through encyclopedias together. Hunt for cool pictures or for things you don’t know.

Read with your children, just for fun. There are so many things to discover in the world of science. Let wonder lead to a love of reading.

Best Science Books for Kids- Read together and encourage the love of reading.

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Books for Science Lovers

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Best Science Books for Kids- Read together and encourage the love of reading.

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