For the Love of Reading- Why Reading with Our Children Matters

“For students of every ability and background, it is the simply miraculous act of reading a good book that turns them into readers. The job of adults who care about reading is to move heaven and earth to put that book into a child’s hands.”
― Nancy Atwell

When we first started homeschooling and I was questioning myself a lot, I met a veteran homeschooler whose daughters were now in college. I asked her for any tips, hoping she’d share with me the confidence to keep going. She did. She smiled, leaned in and said, “Just read with them. As much as you can, read with your kids.”

Fast forward four and a half years, she was right. Reading together (or listening- audio counts too) is one of the best ways my children learn and we spend time together.

Read with Children

~ A good book inspires my children to create their own stories, draw, build forts, learn new skills, phrases and words.

~ A good book gets my kids asking questions, seeking more information; it answers questions, teaches, takes them on adventures, and lets their imaginations play.

~ A good book helps my children transition into our day and later into sleep.

It doesn’t matter if we are homeschoolers, schoolers, new parents or parents of teens, we must read, read, read.  As our children grow up, the books and topics change and maybe the way we read together changes, but reading together, regardless of how old they are offers so much more than just information.


Read with Children


Of course, there are some important pieces that play into creating a harmony for our time together.

Choice and interest are important.

And if our child’s only experience with reading is tied to testing and information they could care less about, we may need to teach our children to love books.

Do you read with your children or teens? Ready to make reading together a part of your family’s day?

First, we set the intention.

Next, we find a good book.

Good books are key!

Read with Children | Why reading to our children matters. Find book lists that encourage the love of reading.

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In the ebook and below, you can also find a series of posts aimed at helping families find good reads. Find books that inspire, engage, and foster a love of reading, learning, and connection. Divided into subjects, you’ll find booklists for all interests and ages.

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Read with Children | Why reading to our children matters. Find book lists that encourage the love of reading.

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