Create a Family Rhythm (E-book)- Spend Your Days How You Want to Spend Your Lives

Create a Family Rhythm

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,”
~ Annie Dillard

I’m often struck by Dillard’s words, the simple reminder each minute and hour eventually add up to a life. Looking back at yesterday, last year, even just an hour ago, the ordinary moments build my day. Breakfast, laundry, driving the kids to their activities- one moment after another, often on repeat.

Each day these ordinary moments dance with how I choose to live them. I choose to give my children plenty of time to finish an activity or pack in too much and rush them. I choose whether I am calm when we are running late or frantic. I choose to get up early so I have quiet time or hit snooze until the kids are up.

It is so easy to forget WE CHOOSE- our choices create how each moment is lived.

The everyday moments are the ones to focus on if we want a life well lived.

Unfortunately, the everyday moments are easy to neglect because we know they will be here again tomorrow.

How do we embrace the ordinary moments and spend our days living the life we want?

I once thought in order for my family to love our days, we had to have A LOT of time to do what we loved. I worked full time and hated how my family never seemed to have enough time.

I left my job and began homeschooling my children. We had a lot more time to do whatever we wanted, but I quickly found it really wasn’t the amount of time we had, but how we spent our time.

time keeping for children

If I wasn’t focused and if we didn’t have a routine, our days were just as chaotic, just as challenging, just as busy as they were when we were all going in different directions!

I’ve learned, every car ride, meal, early morning, and bedtime routine offers us an opportunity, time that can be spent doing what we love.

When we become intentional with the time we already have and embrace the ordinary moments in our day, we create the life we want. But to do this, we need a rhythm.

A rhythm, a gentle routine to guide, allows the parts of our day (especially the ones that are busy or hard) to have focus, so the things we want to spend time doing, have enough time to be there.


Could your family use a routine? Do you often wish you had more time to do the things you love? Wish you enjoyed family time more? Find there are certain parts of your day that always feel crazy?

I’d love to share how my family creates our rhythm and help you create your own.

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Create a family rhythem

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Spend your days how you want to spend your life.

Create a rhythm for your family.

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