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Curiosity Encouraged Resource Library- activities to help nurture the love of learningWelcome to the Curiosity Encouraged Resource Library!


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Inside my library, you’ll find a growing list of printable resources to help children love to learn.

Each activity, game, lesson plan, e-book, and journal are well tested and loved. After teaching middle school and high school English (where it’s pretty clear what works and doesn’t) and homeschooling for four years, I’ve collected A LOT of different ways to help kids/teens get excited about reading, writing, math, science, life skills, travel, and being outdoors.

curiosity encouraged resource library

I want to share my resources with you for the same reason I created Curiosity Encouraged.

I want every child to love learning.

I’ve seen what it looks like when children aren’t engaged. They struggle to pay attention, to understand, to remember what they’ve learned.

When children (when any of us) are interested and curious, learning becomes play and play becomes learning. Not learning for a test, not memorization for the moment, but meaning making, absorption, real-life learning.

What is Curiosity Encouraged? A resource for parents and teachers to help foster a love of learning!

I know encouraging curiosity and helping children love to learn isn’t always easy!

As a teacher and homeschooler, I need resources, ideas, and inspiration.

When I’m too busy or overwhelmed, when I feel like nothing is working, when I’m frustrated, just done. . . I need new ways to offer information, spend time with my children, regroup, and revise how we are learning and spending our days.

Resource Library

I think we all feel this way.

Especially when it’s time to help our children with homework, introduce a new concept, during transitions, when we’re not getting enough sleep, or when there is too much going on.

Unfortunately, finding good resources can also be overwhelming.

When I’m looking for new activities or for help, I want tools that encourage my children to explore, ask questions, dig deep, and get excited.

I want activities that inspire them, invite them to play, learn about themselves, and want to keep learning.

I create the resources I need and want to help my children love to learn.

I’d love to share them with you.

Fred Rogers says it best, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Let’s help our children fill their days with joy.

Let’s help them Learn and Play.

They can go hand in hand.

They really must.