Explore the USA | An Adventurer’s Journal for Young Travelers

Our family vacation to Idaho begins in just a few days. We’re heading west to see my folks and sister, to check out Craters of the Moon National Park, Sawtooth National Forest, Redfish Lake, and all the things Eagle and Boise have to offer.  We’re excited! In preparation for the long plane and car rides, I’ve been thinking about which activities and games we need to pack so electronic devices don’t become the default. Too much technology and my children can get pretty cranky.  I’ve also been thinking about how last year we came home with all sorts of plans to create scrapbooks with the ticket stubs, Jr Ranger booklets, and memories we collected, and how that has yet to happen. I realized I wanted the kids to have a simple collection of travel related activities and games, and a place to keep and record their memories, all in one. I’m excited to share Explore the USA with Me, An Adventurer’s Travel Journal with my children and yours. Explore the USA with Me, An Adventurer's Travel Journal

Filled with games, journal prompts, maps, places to glue treasures, and record memories, it’s an activity book meet keepsake. All your children need are a few colored pencils and time to play. Adaptable for any trip, this journal can be printed out each time you travel. It includes a variety of different ways to play and learn, and with a little help, the activities are easily modified for younger travelers.

I’d love to share this journal with you! If you are a subscriber, look for it under the Travel tab in the Resource Library. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is a great time to do so! My library is growing and when you subscribe, you’ll have access to all sorts of free printable activities that encourage a love of learning.

Do you live outside the US or have plans to travel overseas? Explore the World with Me is in the works! We’re heading to Greece this winter and we’ll need a new journal!

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting our travels and journals on Instagram. Connect with us over there. We’d love for you to follow along.

Explore the USA with Me, An Adventurer's Travel Journal

Let’s be honest, traveling can be a little stressful. Add kids into the mix and it can become a lot more than a little. We need a variety of ways to help children enjoy the parts of a trip, like a long plane or car ride, that are at times hard to enjoy.

Download and print Explore the USA with Me, An Adventurer’s Travel Journal. Encourage play, exploration, and capture memories the next time your family travels!

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