When Learning is Hard

How to help our kids when learning is hard.

When our children are learning something new, challenge is present. Wanted or not, learning and challenge go hand in hand. We can’t have one without the other.

A learning challenge is not a bad thing. Taking on challenges is how we grow.

When our kids have the confidence, tools, and skills they need to move past a challenge, they learn something new.

But, sometimes, the challenge becomes a struggle.

Struggle can arrive for all sorts of reasons. Maybe the child has a learning difference, lack confidence, their emotional or physical needs need attention. Maybe it’s all of these things or something entirely different.

Doctors, therapists, and teachers are important resources. If your child’s struggles are common, I encourage you to reach out and find a professional to help.

Along with any outside help a child may need, there are ways WE can help our children when they are challenged and when their challenge turns into a struggle.

Below are some of the ways I’ve found help kids when learning is hard.

When Learning is Hard ~ Helping Our kids with Challenges and STruggles


Reading Strategies for When There is Struggle. Help your children understand what they are reading.How to Grow a Reader, Let them read. How to encourage our children to read.Read with Children | Why reading to our children matters. Find book lists that encourage the love of reading.Help your kids find a just right book and get into the reading zone. Online Reading Workshops- help kids and teens who are struggling understand what they read


Books to Help Struggling Readers~

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How to Help Children Love Math When You Don't | Curiosity EncouragedCreating a Math Handbook- A student created resources to help guide and learn


Math Resources-

Khan Academy, Beast Academy, Life of Fred

Routine & Rhythm


Back to School Activities to Build Connections and Encourage a Love of LearningCreate a Family RhythmBeginning and ending routines




Help Kids Spell the Words They Most Commonly MisspellCreate a writing practice with your children and nurture their love of writing.







Authors on Teaching Writing ~

Nancie Atwell, Ralph Fletcher, Georgia Heard

How to Help Our Kids When Learning is Hard.