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I’ve always found the more organized I am, the easier it is to homeschool or teach. I don’t have hours to prep a project. I want to grab what we need and get started. Baskets, cups, mason jars, and bins of all sizes, I’m a big fan. We store all our games together. Glue has its own home, as does construction paper and paint. But somethings, like writing supplies, I like to store together. Easy to grab, when we want to write all we have to do is grab our writing basket. Outside, inside, on the floor or at the kitchen table, our writing basket has everything we need. There’s also something about a pretty basket filled with pens and paper. It’s inviting. A writing basket is not only functional, it’s encouraging.

Create a writing basket for your children and encourage the love of writing.

Create a Writing Basket

A writing basket is filled with anything your children might find inspiring. Fun pens, favorite journals, a few writing prompts- think simple. The items should be easy to access and functional.


What might inspire your children?

What would they like to write with?

What journals or paper would they enjoy?

Create a writing basket for your children and encourage the love of writing.Some links in this post are affiliate links. When you click on one and make a purchase, you support this site. There’s no extra cost for you and a little extra change for us. Thank you!


Grab a basket or nice container and start collecting. Maybe you already have everything you need or maybe pick up a few things at Target’s dollar section next time you’re there. Either way, think function. The pens need to work. Tiny journals, while cute, are hard to write on.

Items in a Writing Basket

Again, anything goes and function is key.

  1. Writing utensils– Kids love colors. If writing in green encourages your kids to write, stock up on green pens.
  2. Journals- Inside our basket is a stack of journals because we have stacks of journals. Some homemade, some store bought and embellished, journal making and decorating can also be a fun way to get kids interested in writing.
  3. Games for Writing- This book is full of ideas to help kids love to write.
  4. Story Cubes- My kids enjoy rolling story dice and creating a story. They are a fun way to find inspiration.
  5. Writing Prompt Jar- Another way to help kids find ideas is to create writing prompt jar.  Cut strips of paper and write words, favorite quotes, a question, or the beginning of a sentence on each piece.  Then fold them up and stick them in a jar. You can also use We’re Far From Normal’s prompts. They’re great!
  6. Notecards– Letter writing and practicing gratitude is something our family values so I make sure we also always have notecards in our writing basket.

Encouraging our children to write and creating a writing practice aren’t always easy. Having the right tools on hand to help you facilitate can be. Create a writing basket and be ready to write.

Create a writing basket for your children and encourage the love of writing.


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  1. Such a fun idea and I could see how changing items out now and then would renew their interest too. My kids are reluctant writers and I’m always looking for ideas to make writing more fun. Thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn. Pinned.

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