Nature Lovers! Three Book Series to Share with Children

Filled with outdoor adventures, nature lovers will dive into these nature loving books. Inspire not only a love of the Earth and animals, inspire a love of reading.

On a recent hiking adventure past ponds and wetlands, my children and I reminisced about a favorite story series, Poppy, and imagined what Ereth, the porcupine, might be up to if he lived nearby.

One of the things I love most about a good book is how the story continues to live in the reader, long past putting the book down. It’s always wonderful when my children remember a scene or character and bring it back to life. Our conversation about Avi’s Poppy series led us into our current read, My Side of the Mountain, and then into the Hatchet series, my son, Clark just finished.

As we walked along the trail, a beautiful spring day upon us, it made me think about how these nature-loving book series not only teach us about the land and animals we love but do so in a way that encourages us to read and keep reading!

Nature Loving Books to Share with Your Children

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Poppy, Tales from Dimwood Forest, by Avi– Follow Poppy the mouse and her family on their journeys through Dimwood Forest. Meet evil Mr. Ocox, Ereth the porcupine, Ragweed, Rye, and Ragweed Jr. An exciting adventure with tender moments and hilarious alliteration make every book a treasure! The Dimwood Forest series also includes- Poppy and Rye, Poppy Returns, Ereth’s BirthdayPoppy and Ereth and a prequel, Ragweed.

Hatchet, by Gary Paulson– When Brian’s plane goes down in the middle of a deserted island, he has no choice but to learn how to survive. Hatchet is a thrilling tale of endurance and ingenuity. Because it moves quickly and is action packed, it is also a great book for children and teens who don’t love to read. Other books in the Hatchet series include Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Return, The River, and Brian’s Hunt.

My children and I are currently reading My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George. After my son read it independently, he wanted to read it again as a family. I’m so glad he did. It’s great so far! Sam Gribley, a young man from New York, runs away from his city life to build his own life in the Catskills Mountains. The book, written in first person, allows the reader follow Sam as he learns to survive by trial and error. For animal lovers, a perigean falcon is a main character! We’ll continue on with this series and read, On the Far Side of the Mountain and Frightful’s Mountain.

While I often think about cozying up with a good book in winter, spring is also a wonderful time to dive into story. Spring means it’s time to grab a blanket, hang up the hammock, move classes outside, sit on the deck with sun, the beautiful return of the sun, pinking our shoulders.

Really, any season is the perfect season to find a good book. If you have a nature lover, the Poppy, Hatchet, and My Side of the Mountain series are wonderful reads to encourage a love of reading.

Filled with outdoor adventures, nature lovers will dive into these nature loving books. Inspire not only a love of the Earth and animals, inspire a love of reading.

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  1. Thanks for these recommendations! I’m always scouting for good gifts for our niece and nephews. Do you think the Hatchet series would work for an 11th bday gift?

    • Yes, it would be perfect! Clark started reading the series last year. I had middle and early high school students who also really loved it. Let me know what they think!

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